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make a Mark on their home and in their heart forever

Enjoy an art experience adding Heirloom touches to art with your family. 
Make corporate art with your Team


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Custom Artwork For Designer's Interiors


Creating solutions for large scale unique and exclusive art for your high end design clients. Customizeable, architectural and designer process friendly.  After working for almost two decades as an Interior Designer, I understand the need for better resources.  It's an opportunity help people leave a mark in their home and on their heart that they will keep forever. 

ABOUT maria martin art

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My Process


Painting on Claybord, which is a wooden panel with a thin layer of clay creating a fresco- like finish. Pieces are available on Canvas too.  Most pieces are in watercolor and will not smell or off-gas. I embellish with glass beads, metallic paints and unique details.

Clay panel and Canvas paintings


Clients and designers need better options.  People need experiences where they can have the large art pieces with memories and one of a kind for their homes.  I love creating these architecturally striking pieces on panel with a thin layer of clay- like a fresco. I use materials that do not off gas or bring chemicals in your space. The manufacturer of my boards is just a few miles from my studio.  Green and clean.

Working as an Interior Designer for 17 years....



All the Details

A family painting


Locally resourceD, green and clean. Join Me for family painting Day.


Hello friend, I am Maria Martin an artist in Austin, Texas.  Every once in a while you get an opportunity to impact and touch peoples lives.  Creating a clean and beautiful space is ideal for everyone but giving people an opportunity to create a piece of artwork with those people they love is invaluable.  The greatest gift in life is to be loved by someone and to remember them when they are gone.  I am your source for custom one-of-a-kind art for you space. This is an easy process which is very similar to any custom order for designers but with a life long impact that other items may never hold.  Creating cherished heirlooms and capturing time for people to share forever.

Everyone is looking for a way to add value to their home , family and relationships. When there is love in it, there is a different level of satisfaction in the design of the space. I have been a practicing professional Interior Designer for 17 years. My strengths in color and textures have lead to the creation of a line of custom art. I know that even when the style of the space has faded that I can bring in pieces that will last forever.

Custom Art

make a memory, capture a moment, elevate your services


Concierge Custom Artwork Services: 

I visit the spaces, review fabrics and meet with you to determine style and concept for the art. 

After I review the spaces and fabrics, I will create mock ups for you to review. We will have then an interim appointment to go over the progress.

If you are local we have a "wedding dress fitting" where the piece is brought to the home and we talk about slight modifications we want to see. If you are out of town I send images of the piece and make sure we are all on the same page.

Once finished and sealed the pieces are delivered out to you or your client’s home.

Working Together

Email me with your website and your business information to get pricing and availability.

Custom items are available for order January through October.

Painting available largest size on panel is 4'X7' larger sizes available in Canvas.

Samples are available upon request. 5"X7" mockups can be delivered  around 2weeks from initial consult.

Painting experiences are Available for projects.  They need to be ordered and lined up during the order of the painting. Plan for 2 additional weeks for scheduling.

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